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Real Estate Brokers & Agents

Over its long history, hundreds of professionals in varying fields have entrusted the sale of their client's real estate to Traiman. These professionals have included attorneys, real estate agents & brokers, and trustees & executors.

Real Estate Brokers and Agents are participating in a new way to earn extra co-op commissions when representing Seller clients.

Here are a few examples where alert Real Estate Professionals invited the Traiman Organization to add a new dimension of marketing for properties which had not found a buyer through the conventional sale method.

Ned Ward, of Ned Ward Realtors, New Vernon, NJ, contacted Traiman on behalf of his Seller client who owned a horse farm in Sugar Loaf, Orange County, New York. Within 8 weeks, Traiman successfully sold the property using its specialized real estate auction method. Ned Ward shared in a $150,000 commission.

George Clark, agent for David Houston Company, contacted Traiman on behalf of his Seller client who owned an industrial building in Mercer County, NJ. Within 8 weeks, Traiman's auction marketing method created an audience of buyers who were nonexistent over the previous 2 years. The Seller was most pleased with the results and George Clark shared in a $50,000 commission.

Todd Stires, agent for David T. Houston Company, contacted Traiman on behalf of his client, an executor of an estate which owned a commercial building on Rt. 529, Piscataway, NJ. Again, Traiman's specialized auction method produced an audience of qualified buyers and an excellent sale price. Todd Stires shared in the $43,000 sale commission.

Here are the steps for you to take.

  1. Identify a Seller who you believe would benefit from a Traiman marketing company where a sale will result after 6-8 weeks of intensive marketing.Contact Traiman to arrange a joint telephone conference or meeting to review the concept.Traiman will provide your Seller client with a background of results achieved for other Sellers just like them.
  2. Once the Seller has agreed to proceed, Traiman's marketing staff will undertake the entire proactive marketing procedure and conclude the marketing program by conducting a highly professional and dignified successful real estate auction.

Your Sellers may be more open to selling their important real estate holdings by the auction method than you anticipate. After all, they may have already used the auction method to sell their important art or thoroughbred horses.

Their real estate may have indebtedness or be clear of mortgage.