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Traiman Auction Company

Traiman, America's Foremost Real Estate Auction Company has sold virtually every type of real estate since its establishment in 1924. Properties sold by Traiman include farms and distinctive homes, restaurants, shopping centers, golf courses, condominiums, apartment buildings, land for development, newly built homes, manufacturing facilities, and residential, commercial and resort properties. The Carnegie Missouri cattle ranch, the Wanamaker family’s mansion in the Hamptons, and land belonging to President Roosevelt’s family are among the many prestigious properties sold by Traiman.

Doug Clemens, Chairman & CEO of Traiman, has said that Traiman’s clients have found that an auction marketing program, placing the sale of the property on a defined timeline, gives their properties the greatest amount of visibility and brings the sale of their properties to a quick conclusion.

According to Doug Clemens, "the promotion and sale of real estate utilizing the open public forum of competitive bidding is a selling method that is growing in popularity. In addition to private owners, those acting in the capacities of fiduciaries, such as executors and trustees, consistently find that the auction marketing strategy provides the greatest amount of exposure for their properties and provides for an arm’s-length sale."

Corporate clients, such as Rockwell International, General Electric, the Shell Oil Company and Siemen’s International, have also turned to Traiman to handle their holdings, in addition to municipalities, Federal and local courts, law firms, school boards, banks (Trust and Workout departments) and real estate brokers.

Traiman continues to attract seller clients who entrust the sale of their important properties to Traiman’s method of marketing.

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