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Question: What situations warrant using the auction marketing method?

Answer: When the Seller's objectives are to sell the property in the shortest possible time frame, at the highest possible price, under terms and conditions favorable to the Seller.

Question: What type of property owners should consider using the auction method?

Answer: Private and Corporate Property Owners, Living Trust and Decedents Estates, Federal and State Courts, Municipalities, School Boards, Prominent Families, Financial Institutions, Fiduciaries, Trustees, and Partnership Dissolutions.

Question: Is the auction method ever used as a first selling method?

Answer: Yes - for quality properties that have never been on the market and many that are clear of mortgage.

Question: What are the costs associated with selling real estate by the auction marketing method?

Answer: The costs of having a real estate auction are the direct expenses of advertising and promotion, and the commission charged compares to the standard brokerage commission.